My friend swears google voice is a free, and therefore better option, but we’re locked into skype and fairly happy with it.

We pay a few dollars a month for a phone number and for a few hundred minutes of calling US numbers. The best part is that we can make calls from anywhere in the world. A traditional phone plan allows you to only make calls in the US. Seeing as we’ve spent maybe 2 months in the last year in the US… that would be kind of a waste.
  • Skype is good at getting online and a few times at airports that only sell wifi, skype can sometimes charge your account to get online.
  • Signals are good and communication is good even on shotty wifi… most of the time.
  • Voice mail
  • Being able to login and call from multiple devices. I can call from my phone or laptop.

  • No Text SMS at all on your phone number.
  • It’s not cloud based. Minor detail but contacts and history will be on your phone/computer and not in the cloud.

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