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FP's so called voice and text service is actually uses data thru VOIP and you have to use their battery hogging VOIP app. Their VOIP plan is only 200 minutes and 500 texts. There are better VOIP providers such as Google's Hangouts app+ free Google voice service for unlimited talk + text VOIP services. Like FP's VOIP service, Google voice VOIP assigns you a number.

If you are using the phone in areas with poor data service, it will have poor voice service. You can alternatively use Google Voice (or other services). GVoice users: Your proxy is international so make sure you dial (+1) first.

To make sure that voice calls work:
In the Freedompop app, go to the Menu (top left corner), scroll down and click on [Sync Account Data].

What happens if I go over the limit?
For data over use, an auto charge of $15 will apply to your card at .02$/mb. For the 200 minutes talk or 200 text, your account will suspends until next billing cycle.

FreedomPop HAM Radio internet to Repeaters

Subject: Re: [MOTOTRBO] Re: Double Vocoding DMR

I think this was answered off-list, but here is what I know (no affiliation with them, only a new customer just starting out):

1) It is in some cases the only way to get internet to a site, especially without being overly costly.
2) You get 500MB free per month, above that you pay a tiered level (i.e. 500MB-1GB is an additional $10). They bank on you using more by posting pictures of Cats jumping into cardboard boxes.
3) It is wholesale Sprint service, re-branded with their logo. No different that what other companies do.
4) The equipment is refurbished, and the USB style modems we bought do both 3G and 4G.
5) We bought separate Cradlepoint MBR95 routers to go along with them (match the router with which modem/provider you choose in any case). These routers provide a wired 4-port 10/100 ethernet and WiFi service to your site. Used routers are around $50-$75 on eBay.

MotoTRBO is reported to use less than the 500MB a month you buy, so effectively it's free for a one-box site. If you need more data, you either pay for it or do "offers" from partners to earn bandwidth. For a master/manager/c-bridge site obviously you want a more dedicated connection. For a TRBO box on a Farm silo, this is perfect.

This all depends on the carriers capacity, support and resiliency. Some providers don't have extended emergency power, so expecting this to work for EMCOMM 100% may not be ideal.

FreedomPop 3-In-1 4G LTE SIM Kit: Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data Trial

FreedomPop 3-In-1 4G LTE SIM Kit: Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB Data Trial

FreedomPop offers FreedomPop 3-In-1 4G LTE SIM Kit + Unlimited Talk & Text w/ 2GB Data Trial + Premier Plus Service Trial on sale for $0.99. Shipping is free. Thanks Jbh98

Note, you will be charged $32.98 at the beginning of your next subscription period if you decide not to cancel or downgrade the service. You can opt to downgrade to the 100% Free Basic Plan at any time which offers 200 Minutes Talk + 500 SMS Texts + 200MB LTE data/month.

  • 3-In-1 Domestic 4G LTE SIM Kit
  • Premium 2GB LTE Unlimited Trial
    • Includes Unlimited Talk & Text + 2GB LTE Data/mo.
      • Free for first month, then $24.99 thereafter
  • FreedomPop Premium Plus Trial
    • Free for first month, then $7.99 thereafter

Stephen Stokols CEO FreedomPop

Really Great Interview With FreedomPop Co-founder Stephen Stokols

This interview is really great with Stephen from This Week In Start-ups. Its over a year old but really gives you some insight into the mind behind one of the most important tech companies out today.

I enjoyed the video, then with 20 minutes left, realized that I wasn't on FreedomPop. Up o 1 minutes of that cost me 26MB. Still only used 2.07 gigs and one gig to use in about 3 days left. Please don't sell out in only three years. Too short for us users.

Video  - Startups - Stephen Stokols, CEO, FreedomPop -TWiST #321

Where have you successfully used the global SIM?

So far I have used it in
Germany (a bit flaky)

FreedomPop Free Phone Service Review

FreedomPop Free Phone Service Review

How to get FREE Cell Phone Service!! Freedom Pop

Free Mobile Phone Service and High Speed Internet

Get 100% Free Mobile Phone Service and High Speed Internet with @FreedomPop. Sign up now!  (Invite)

FreedomPop Global SIM - Free Data

FreedomPop Global SIM - Free Data
Making it Free (can be done once order is complete but better to do it after it ships)

  1. Login to the freedompop website 
  2. Deactivate the Plan 
    • a. Click on Account --> Plans --> Details and Plan Management --> "To downgrade, click here" 
  3. Deactivate Trial Service 
    • a. Click on Account --> Services --> View Details --> "To deactivate, click here" 
  1. Disable Automatic Top-up (for $5 credit/charge) 
    • a. Click on Billing --> Billing Settings --> Automatic Top-Up EDIT --> Disable

Traveling to Canada and save on the phone fees

Traveling to Canada and getting real tired of the phone fees!

I like a little travel now and then.  I go to some cool places; Austin, Boston, Seattle, LA, and even Newport Beach was ok.  And I have been going to Toronto quite a bit lately now.  It’s a nice city. I always have a good time there, but I am scared to death to turn my phone on.  I hear the horror stories of people making a few calls and ending up with $200+ phone bills. Or forgetting to turn off cellular and getting a $4,000 bill for data.   So the last couple of times I’ve traveled to Toronto I call Verizon ahead of time and turn on the international plan so Canada is covered, but I am getting really tired of the fees Verizon Wireless charges for traveling outside of the US.  This last trip I didn’t even use my phone at all except when I was on wifi and the fee was still $25.

So, I am looking at my alternatives.  Even though we are trading partners and some people say Canada is the 51st State up north, I can not find a US cell provider that offers reasonable coverage and rates in the US and Canada.  So do I buy a cheap unlocked phone and buy a SIM card when I am up there next?  I did that years ago with an old iPhone 3. I just read about Truphone’s Tru SIM international cards, but it’s pretty easy and probably cheaper to just buy a cheap SIM card once I get to where I am going.

Some guys that use to work for me bought an unlocked mifi in Singapore and then got a local SIM card so they could not only get their phones on wifi, but it also worked for their laptops.  And my iPad doesn’t get cellular service while I am in Canada either, so maybe that would be nice. Seems easier than the phone, but I foresee technical issues.

Honestly, I am getting tired of paying my standard Verizon Wireless bill here in the US and then also paying $20 a month for my iPad.  So is there an alternative mifi I can use in the US and in Canada (even better if it works in Europe too)?  I have looked at Karma and FreedomPop.  I love Karma’s pay for what you use model.  And they both seem very reasonable (much much cheaper than Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-mobile) and both have pretty good coverage in the DC area.  But neither work very well in Maine (or any other less populated area) and neither has coverage at all anywhere in Canada (or Europe).  So I do not see that route fixing my entire problem, at least until they expand their coverage significantly.

Does the LTE sim work in Canada? - freedompop

Does the LTE sim work in Canada? - freedompop

That just means if someone, like me, has the global free plan in the US or another supported country, they can call Canadian number. On the other hand, if you are located in Canada, the global free plan will work for calling, but only if you have a data connection (wifi or another cellular carrier). Freedompop's voice network is voip, meaning it is an Internet based call service (similar to skype, google hangouts, etc), so the data connection does not actually have to be a Freedompop data connection. Does that make sense?

FreedomPop Launches Free Global GSM Service For US and Canada Users

FreedomPop Launches Free Global GSM Service For US and Canada Users

Freemium Sprint MVNO FreedomPop today announced the launch of a global hotspot and SIM that gives users 200 MB per month of free data in 25 countries including the US, UK and most of Europe.

The $10 FreedomPop Global SIM is "coming soon", but the Novatel MiFi 2 hotspot is available now at for $49.99 plus $9.99 shipping. According to FreedomPop the hotspot doesn't support LTE, only the older and slower HSPA+, HSPA, Edge and GPRS data standards. However the MiFi 2 manual says that the device does support LTE, although only on US bands 17 and 4. Perhaps FreedomPop's service agreement with the unspecified US GSM operator (probably T-Mobile) that it's using doesn't include LTE.

Update 4:45 PM 1/20: FreedomPop has confirmed on Twitter that LTE will not be available with the global service.

Unlike FreedomPop's Sprint based free plans which come with 500 free MB per month, the free global plan only includes 200 MB. Overage data on the free plan is 2.5¢/MB. FreedomPop is also offering two paid global plans; 1 GB/month for $13.99 or 2 GB/month for $24.99. Overage data on the paid plans is 2¢/MB. For $3.99/month users on any plan can rollover up to 500 MB of unused data per month.

The FreedomPop global service is currently available to customers in the US and the UK and works in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. FreedomPop plans to expand service to Bangladesh, Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South America, Thailand and Vietnam "soon".

RingPlus (R+) and FreedomPop (FP) (US) is a recent expansion of, hence the likely reason why PAYGO US calling rate is higher than Canada's. In the US, Tello uses the Sprint network.

Another free option is wifi-calling (VoIP). If you're staying indoors for the majority of time (where wifi is presumably available), then wifi-calling can offload some of your minute/data need. A popular solution is Google Voice (GV) and Hangouts, which will need to be set up stateside, and you'll need to invest in an iOS or Android phone. Hangouts has free calling to both US and Canada, and would be ideal for your situation.

Both RingPlus (R+) and FreedomPop (FP) can be good solutions, as long as you know their caveats. Neither extends to Canada, unless you use Hangouts on top of their service. The "unreliability" cited is mainly limited to inbound voice. Outbound voice and data are as reliable as any other provider.

FP is VoIP, which relies on Sprint LTE or AT&T/TMO HSPA+ coverage. VoIP calls in a moving vehicle aren't advisable, as they may get dropped. VoIP voice quality may vary depending coverage location. (This includes Hangouts, which is also VoIP.) R+ has regular voice, but can have high latency.

FreedomPop Canada includes international data

FreedomPop made a name for itself on the back of its free, no-frills mobile plans. Having honed its services in the US, FreedomPop headed across the pond to set up shop in the UK last September, but evidently that's not sated its desire to travel. Today, the provider is launching a new roaming SIM in both the US and the UK that will let customers use free data abroad for the first time.

Though it's known as the "Global SIM," initially it'll only work in the US and the vast majority of Europe, including the UK (obviously). By year's end, however, FreedomPop is planning to expand roaming coverage to additional countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America and beyond. The SIM itself costs $10/£10 to buy and you'll need to add another couple of bucks/pounds to cover the shipping cost; but after that you get the basic service, which affords you 200MB of 3G/4G data each month to use across any of the supported countries, completely free.

Should you exhaust that allowance, you can simply buy additional data, which is one of the ways FreedomPop makes money. An extra 500MB can be had for $10/£10, or you can buy in bulk at discounted rates ($50 for 4GB, for example). International data roaming is obviously the main selling point of the SIM, which is why FreedomPop's also offering a WiFi hotspot to stick it in for the introductory price of $50/£39. You can just plug it straight into your tablet or smartphone of course, though you don't get any inclusive minutes or texts like you do with the provider's mobile-specific plans. Also, to use voice and text services by way of FreedomPop's mobile apps, you first have to buy a virtual number based in one of the supported countries.

Ring+ vs. Freedompop vs. _____? for Canadians roaming in the U.S.?

I'm Canadian and currently using Roam Mobility when roaming in the U.S. It's pretty good, it uses T-Mobile's network (and I have a handset that supports Band 12, which helps). It costs $4.95 CAD per day, which includes unlimited phoning and texting (including long-distance back to Canada), and 500MB of LTE per day. At the current exchange rate that's only $3.82 USD per day, and extremely competitive compared to other per-day alternatives (such at AT&T's $2 + $1 per 100MB plan).

However, I've recently become acquainted with free options such as Ring+ and Freedompop. Are there other free options of note? I prefer GSM, and I understand that Freedompop does offer GSM service, but I can live with Sprint service if it's for free (as I'll still have the ability to roam onto T-Mobile and/or AT&T when necessary) or if the data/minute/text allotments are higher. So I'm assuming I'd be using the Sprint side of Freedompop if I went that way.

This would be for occasional trips only, just a few times a year for a trip that's less than a week. I wouldn't be doing a lot of usage. My understanding is that Ring+ requires you to use it at least once each billing cycle? I can potentially do that, I live close to the border, but it would probably only work if Sprint has refarmed ESMR in Washington State. How important is that consideration? Does Freedompop have that as well? If so, do they have it for both their Sprint-based service and their T-Mobile-based service?