FreedomPop HAM Radio internet to Repeaters

Subject: Re: [MOTOTRBO] Re: Double Vocoding DMR

I think this was answered off-list, but here is what I know (no affiliation with them, only a new customer just starting out):

1) It is in some cases the only way to get internet to a site, especially without being overly costly.
2) You get 500MB free per month, above that you pay a tiered level (i.e. 500MB-1GB is an additional $10). They bank on you using more by posting pictures of Cats jumping into cardboard boxes.
3) It is wholesale Sprint service, re-branded with their logo. No different that what other companies do.
4) The equipment is refurbished, and the USB style modems we bought do both 3G and 4G.
5) We bought separate Cradlepoint MBR95 routers to go along with them (match the router with which modem/provider you choose in any case). These routers provide a wired 4-port 10/100 ethernet and WiFi service to your site. Used routers are around $50-$75 on eBay.

MotoTRBO is reported to use less than the 500MB a month you buy, so effectively it's free for a one-box site. If you need more data, you either pay for it or do "offers" from partners to earn bandwidth. For a master/manager/c-bridge site obviously you want a more dedicated connection. For a TRBO box on a Farm silo, this is perfect.

This all depends on the carriers capacity, support and resiliency. Some providers don't have extended emergency power, so expecting this to work for EMCOMM 100% may not be ideal.

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