Free to and from Canada or just to Canada?

Free to and from Canada or just to Canada?

April 17

Can I use my Basic Freedompop (free) plan to call FROM Canada to the US?

I saw the statements on the Freedompop website about free international calling, but someone in the household is questioning whether this means just TO Canada and not to and from Canada.

April 17

If you have a global sim card phone, unlocked gsm, then you can make calls to & from Canada with international mins.


Unfortunately, FreedomPop doesn't have access to cellular in Canada – free or paid. However, You can sign up for a calling plan (Free 100, or paid 300/1000 global minutes). These global minutes can be used to call Canada.

And if you use Wi-Fi, you will be able to use texting/calling in the country, but you must stay connected to Wi-Fi in order to do so.

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