Using FreedomPop in Canada

If the company "Three" in the UK has a deal with certain Canadian cell phone service providers then what is the additional cost for using FreedomPop services within Canada?

it is currently not available in Canada, 

Please consider expanding Global SIM / Hotspot countries

For example:Canada

It might be expensive to partner with 3 Big Carriers : Rogers , Telus and Bell
but some small carrier provides low rate, such as wind. 


Thanks for your feedback! FreedomPop is definitely working on expanding to much more countries, and will provide updates as soon as news is available.

You do bring a good point, however the Global SIM card is actually run through the UK Service known as "Three". They're a carrier and they have roaming agreements with AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US which is why it's possible to roam here. However in Canada, Three's partnerships include Rogers and Bell which are a bit more expensive to provide roaming rates to versus something like Wind. If Wind was a partner, I am sure FreedomPop would already be including Canada!


I thought

Bell Mobility
Rogers Wireless

are roaming partners of Three in Canada. 

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