Cheap/Free Internet Plan FreedomPop

Cheap/Free Internet Plan FreedomPop

Link: FreedomPop mobile hotspot for 5 devices

Again, FreedomPop is awesome and they have free internet devices. One is a hot spot and the other is a USB drive.

It gives 500MB of data a month free. Again, you can pay for a plan or just pay per mb when you go over.

They sell them for $20 and sometimes give them away for free. I got ours from FreedomPop free because they were giving away old models (I think). Better someone use them and get roped into their plan than to let it sit… I guess?

Think about though…
Pay the one time $29.99 to buy the hotspot. Then pay $0 a month from here on out. Okay. Compare that to Boingo. Boingo is $9.99 a month or for like once use, and they have stingy fees, and their service sucks depending where you are in an airport. Since we’ll have the Southwest Companion Pass, this makes way more sense. Besides the fact I can use it outside of the airport, it’s better than a Boingo plan for domestic airports.

Update: On our road trip to the Grand Canyon (with Carrie’s family) I spent the entire time in the back of the van online, mostly answering emails, some browsing the web and forums (Saverocity forums) and the first day of all-day use I used less than 100mb. But I made sure I wasn’t logged into things I wasn’t using, like dropbox. And I turned off Facebook’s automatic streaming of videos.

FreedomPop ending? FreedomPop has announced that they will stop their WiMax (?) services by the end of 2015. No one knows exactly how this will affect/change things. When? New hardware or new firmware update? If it’s a hardware update, will your product be replaced? No idea.

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