FreedomPop - How To Get The Free Plan - Downgrade Your Trial

FreedomPop - How To Get The Free Plan - Downgrade Your Trial

In this video I'll go through every step in choosing the FREE cell service plan from FreedomPop.

FreedomPop offers totally free talk, text, and data, but when you first purchase a phone it will usually come with a free trial of their premium paid plans. If you do not cancel ALL the free trials you will be charged automatically at the end of the billing cycle.

When you want to downgrade to the Free Basic 200 plan, you need to downgrade your Talk, Text, and Data plan, as well as any additional premium services you are subscribed to. I'll also show you how to disable the Auto-Top up feature. Beware, if the Top-up feature is off and you do not have any credits, your service may be shut-off if you near your limits. At that point you can add credits or wait until the next month when your free plan is renewed.

FreedomPop makes money by up-selling it's premium services, but in my opinion, they should make the process of downgrading much easier, and they should be more clear with their TOS. That said, the free and paid service has been very good thus far, and if you want a paid plan, FreedomPop has very good prices.

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